Supporting Mergers and Acquisitions with a Provider Data Platform


A Key Element to Successful Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions: Provider Data

Mergers, acquisitions and partnerships are becoming ever more common in today’s healthcare environment. 

However, growth through acquisitions and partnerships poses a unique set of provider data challenges for hospitals and health systems. Flowing accurate provider data through combined legacy systems is often an afterthought that creates revenue cycle issues, clinical reporting mistakes and compliance problems.

In order to be successful, healthcare organizations must be able to centralize, normalize, validate and share provider data across the healthcare organization throughout the merger and acquisition process. 

Learn how one health system successfully completed a merger by creating a centralized resource for all provider data, in which to managed, curate and validate provider information throughout the merger and acquisition process. 

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Real Results


10,000 clinicians integrated

Centralized hub for provider data

45,000+ provider profile field
updates each month

5 hospitals and 20+ practice
groups integrated

Long-term provider data
management solution

100,000 providers enrolled



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